Choosing the Correct Pillow

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Choosing the Correct Pillow

Different types of pillows

We offer a range of pillows and each one has individual qualities. However, broadly speaking they can be broken down as follows;

Hollowfibre pillows

These are durable, supportive and easy care pillows which vary in firmness.

As refered by google the hollowfiber pillow is one of the most popular pillows in the UK. Often refered to as hollowfibre, microfibre or polyester pillows. They are usually simply constructed with a cotton slip (the outside of a pillow) with a man-made fibre filling. Variants of synthetic pillows include spiral fibre, microfibre and hollowfibre pillows.

All large retailers, including Debenhams, Argos, etc offer hollowfiber pillows as a economic or cheap option. But generally you get what you pay for in any product. The same hollowfiber could be used to fill decorative scatter cushions or your favourite childs soft toy. So its really important to know they are using virgin fillings for our pillows.

Now the advances in technology for machinery which maneuver hollowfiber fillings has obviously leaped forward.Its in the way that the hollowfiber gets treated and implemented as to how the fiber will result in its exact characteristics.  There are many variants for the different types of hollowfiber fillings inside of pillows.

Hollowfill mostly used in duvets due to its lofty like appearance and light weight. Its a great choice of mine for pillows, firstly because of its long hollow strands . its a great moisture reducing filling, highly breathable & light weight, in turn easy to wash and dry at home. For example the brand Moshy ,Velamen & Catherine Lansfield, amongst others make nice comfortable pillows using hollowfill.

Dracron is another hollowfiber filling, mostly used for the upholstery industry, as we see it on sofas, chairs, etc. This is a firmer and robust filling. It does get mixed with softer hollowfibres for pillows, to be sold as firm pillows, or inderformable . Yes they do provide a long life option, with very little care and washing machine problems. however they are firm and also feel warmer due to the lack of air circulation thats possible within the filling.

Another hollowfibre mix filling id like to mention is the use with other natural fibers. more and more popular with customers wanting a particular comfortable feel for them.

Bamboo Fiber Pillows

The Bamboo fiber is constantly being adapted to serve in the sleep industry. Now with duvets, mattresses, pillows and bambu protectors available. Bamboo fiber is extremely light, delicate and breathable, which makes it an ideal choice for hot summer nights or warm climates. The bambu pillow has antimicrobial properties and helps to get rid of fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms resulting in a more comfortable sleeping experience. Particularly worth mentioning for the Spanish climate Bamboo fibre absorbs and evaporates sweat very quickly.




Silk Pillows

Silk or mulberry silk pillows can be found in any decent bedding store. Usually silk and microfiber or gel fiber filling pillows are without a doubt soft and adaptive. completely odourless, with that teddy bear soft cuddly feel. Great choice for side & front sleepers.

The silk embrace pillow by Belledorm is one of our most recomended pillows as by customers which have already purchased them. Also See our range of silk bed linen

· Hypo allergenic · Hair feels better · Helps reduce wrinkles · Easy Care


Micro-fibre pillows

These are luxurious and exceptionally soft pillows, which hold their shape well. Very breathable, light weight & easy care.

Great option is you are a side or front sleeper.

Microfiber has been around for a long time. It is only just recently that microfiber pillows are gaining popularity because they are very affordable and easy to clean. This kind of pillows is usually made from polyester and nylon. Each strand of microfiber is thinner than a human hair or a thread of silk


Here are some of the advantages of choosing microfiber


Many people are changing to microfiber pillows because they are very breathable. It can stay cool in hot conditions and act as an insulator in cold temperatures. This versatility is important to hotel chains for example since they might have branches in different parts of the world. They can buy microfiber pillows in bulk and distribute them to their chains no matter the location without worry of the weather conditions in the area.

Easy to Clean · Lightweight · Inexpensive

In most cases, the microfibers used in pillows are tightly woven together making them naturally antimicrobial. The synthetic material of the pillow also repels moisture. This makes them easy to clean. In most households and hotels, they are simply loaded to washing machines and washed and dried as usual.  The synthetic fibres will easily give up foreign material without compromising the structure of the pillow. During a standard wash cycle, a dryer sheet will easily remove lint and wrinkles. This makes the whole laundering and maintenance easy not only for families but hotel staff as well.

Microfiber is very affordable compared to other pillows such as wool or cotton. With the National Sleep Association calling for a change in pillows every 3 years, microfiber is a good alternative not only for hotels and the hospitality industry but also for households as well.

Feather pillows

Duck Feather & Down PillowAs a natural product these are breathable and help temperature control. Feather pillows will take the shape of your head while still offering good support. There are difference in Feather pillows of course and we shall start by understanding the differences between feather and down. Feathers come from the wing and back feathers of the bird. They have a flatter structure than down, with a quill running down the middle. … Most feather pillows will have some small amount of down, just to give the pillow a bit of loft. The more down a pillow contains, the more expensive it will be.

Now that we have establish the 90% down pillows are a more luxurious choice, some what made better, but also can adapt and comfort ideally. Why not look for a feather and down mix. perhaps goose feather and down which are my preferred.

Here is another point worth mentioning. Not all feathers or down is the same. large marketing brands will always mention if the feather is Mongolian, Siberian or other. Why do you think this is? well first let me mention that duck down is usually smaller in size. Each down fiber does not have the same diameter as a goose down will have. Also after goose residing in colder countries have developed even bigger and lighter down feathers. Something else worth considering about feathers and down. Goose down has higher average “fill power” than duck. Fill power (which measures from 350-750+) is a combined measure of the size of an individual down cluster, its fluffiness, and its ability to insulate heat. Because geese are larger than ducks, they produce larger down clusters. For luxury pillows, goose down makes pillows fluffier and these pillows stay fluffier longer. If you prefer a thinner, denser pillow, duck down may be right for you.

Now the basis is to know that the feather has a good fill power, this way you are buying a better quality product no matter what the marketing says, Duck feather pillows will be better value, goose feather pillows are usually thicker. but always make sure the pillows are made of 100% down proof cotton fabric.

Available in various sizes, Different brands develop their feather and down products with pillows, cushions, duvets, mattress enhancers all matching.


Memory foam pillows

Scientifically developed, these pillows are designed to offer ultimate comfort by moulding to the shape of your neck and head. They can be a help for insomniacs and for relieving aches and pains.These are luxurious and exceptionally soft pillows, which hold their shape well.

While there are many types of memory foam pillow, in all grades and sizes, the primary benefit of memory foam is that it spreads weight and pressure more evenly than other fillings. It is also non-allergenic and temperature sensitive: enabling it to mould itself to your shape as it is warmed by your head and neck.

Memory foam pillows come in various shapes and sizes. a memory foam pillow can be bought as u shaped neck pillows, wedge knee pillows, seat or chair back pillows, travel pillows , aswell as popular choices to sleep with every night in bed. Apart from the variants in shapes or sizes. Great choices to point out are perforated memory foam fillings, Gel memory foamExtra soft memory foamcarbon memory foam. 

The perforated memory foam pillows are a great choice in any bedroom. As we know one of the disadvantages with memory foam is the lack of breathability and therefore a warmer temperature whilst sleeping. However The perforated memory foam pillows by velamen are every day choosen because of there air releasing sensation, not drawing back from any of the great support the memory foam has to offer. Visco aire pillow.

Other great breathable memory foam pillows have now cooling technology fabric covers. Other known as keep cool memory foam pillows . The visco fresh pillow, is the perfect example.

Memory foam pillows often are not washable fillings, so it is vital to buy the one with the right cover for you. Recommendable with a zip cover.

Latex Pillows

Latex is a completely natural material , and is one of the most eco-friendly sourced materials on the planet.

Sustainable comfort

Sleep easy with our environmentally friendly mattresses, made using 100% pure Dunlopillo latex. All the latex we use is harvested from sustainably managed plantations, which purify over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide a year

Latex provides 37% more pressure relief than memory foam

Pressure relieving

With its unrivalled elasticity, Dunlopillo latex provides instant pressure relief and encourages a healthy blood supply to your muscles so you awake feeling refreshed and revitalised.




Dunlopillo latex is 7 times more breathable than memory foam



The open-cell structure of Dunlopillo latex consists of millions of interconnecting microscopic air bubbles, which promote healthy air circulation. Natural movement during the night works to ventilate the mattress, keeping both you and your bed at a consistent and comfortable temperature.



Buy Dunlopillo latex pillows here

Most of us want to find the right pillow

Firm, Medium or Soft. Which is right for you?

Personal taste is an important consideration when choosing a pillow. So while our experts will almost always recommend a soft and fairly slim pillow for front sleepers, those who sleep on their side or their back can have a preference for several different levels of support and thickness.

If you like a very firm pillow, memory foam and latex pillows will generally be the best option; with hollowfibre usually offering a medium level of support and natural fillings such as down offering the most gentle support.

However, all of our pillows have a firmness rating to help you make the right choice every time.

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Are you a side, back or front sleeper?

The posture you adopt in bed is possibly the biggest factor affecting your choice of pillow. That’s because correct spinal alignment is essential to a good night’s sleep and a pain-free day. So while we are all prone to rolling over in bed from time to time, it’s good to ask yourself if you’re most comfortable – and most likely to fall asleep – on your front, back or side.

Side Sleepers

Your neck is always going to be happier when it is kept fairly straight. So if you sleep on your side, the distance from your head to the mattress is going to be far greater than if you sleep on your back or your front. Naturally, that distance depends on the width of your shoulders, but most side sleepers should start by considering using two pillows: a deeper, firmer one next to the bed, and a softer, slimmer one next to your head.

Back Sleepers

However good your posture may be when you are standing up, your head still needs to be slightly raised and properly supported when you lie on your back in bed. For this reason we recommend a medium to firm pillow for back sleepers, with a medium to deep profile.

Front Sleepers

If you prefer to sleep on your front, your head should ideally be almost level with the mattress – but not quite. That’s why we recommend a softer pillow that provides comfort as well as gentle support.

Anti-Allergy Fillings

We now know that 25% of all allergic reactions and 50% of asthmatic conditions are directly related to house dust mites, which are most prevalent in bedding: with your pillow being the most likely source of inhalation.

Every hollowfibre filling is non-allergenic, but if you or any member of your family suffers symptoms ranging from itchy eyes to full-blown asthma, it is worth considering an ‘anti-allergy’ filling, which actively resists microbes and bacteria. Latex fillings are another excellent option, as while they enable greater air-flow, they do not collect house dust mites.

Consider a anti dustmite protector for your pillow or mattress

When is the right time to give a child a pillow?

While some experts say that 12 months is safe, we generally recommend waiting until your child is ready to move from a cot to their first bed. Having said that, if you note that a child over 12 months seems uncomfortable in their cot – and particularly if they have started to make their own pillow out of blankets or soft toys – it may be time to introduce a pillow.

Which pillow is best for a child?

Generally speaking, a fairly slim profile with medium support is best, particularly for little ones. That’s because you don’t want a pillow so soft that it could fold around the head and cause a suffocation risk. It is also a good idea to choose an anti-allergy filling, even if your child has shown no sign of suffering from allergies.

Can I really machine-wash a pillow?

If you prefer a natural feather or down filling, we always recommend professional cleaning, as it’s very difficult to get a natural pillow dry all the way through without the right equipment.

However, all of our hollowfibre pillows are machine washable at 60 degrees C, which is great, because that’s the temperature at which house dust mites are killed.

We also recommend washing pillows one at a time to get the best results – and also using a pillow protector to reduce the frequency of full washes for your pillows.

It’s also worth knowing that 15 minutes in a tumble dryer once a week will also kill dust mites, as well as fluffing up and freshening your pillows between washes.

Please know.

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