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Update 21.2.2024

Id like to help you understand the latest materials used in mattresses today. Including all of the mattresses we sell, such as pocket sprung , gel, latex or foam based mattresses. Firstly lets start with an important fact when looking at any mattress or bed, make sure it is certified oako-tex, there is nothing worse than not being able to trust the materials you are sleeping on. So do not compromise on your health and make sure everything you buy is certified.

Click here to learn all about the wonders of Natural Dunlopillo Latex Mattresses

Dunlopillo mattresses that we sell include many of the natural materials you will read about further on.

and we sell the following models:

The Classic Talalay latex mattress

The Triumph Pocket sprung mattress

The Dunlop foam and latex mattress

OEKO-TEX STANDARD and what is it?

Oeko-tex Standard 100 is the international leader in eco-friendly labels for textiles free from harmful substances.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a consistent worldwide testing and certification system for textile products at all processing levels. Testing for toxic substances includes banned and legally regulated substances, chemical products considered as harmful for our health, as well as preventative measures. This certificate means better product safety and an internal quality control system in which the products tested may be checked against the Oeko-Tex brand by the manufacturers.

The tagline ‘Reliable textiles’ is synonymous with responsibility in textile production, safety and transparency. At, we are aware of the importance of rest and its impact on health.

Why should I demand this?

Oeko-Tex checks all product components and certifies that they contain no substances that could be harmful or bad for our health.

What does all of this mean for me as a consumer?

As consumers we can rest assured that we have bought a product that has gone through an exhaustive analysis, allowing us to be confident in knowledge that the product contains no substances that are harmful for our health.

The use of NATURAL MATERIALS has become ever more important


Merino Wool is a highly sought-after fabric in the textile industry. It is appreciated for its excellent benefits and performance. These magnificent properties come from the shape of its fibres. It is finer than conventional wool and it has a specially arranged structure with heterogeneous strips which create bags of air that help retain body heat, making the wool stronger and better quality. This internal space acts as an air chamber, providing better insulation.

The wool keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. This is a high performing natural product which helps to ensure that the bed is at an optimal temperature, proving a noticeable level of comfort. Some of its other properties are that it is antistatic, elastic, water resistant, thermal insulating, temperature regulating, breathable, soft to touch and ecological. It also prevents itches and irritation and repels unpleasant smells.

view our merino wool mattress & our hybrid pocket sprung & wool mattress


Cotton is a very breathable fibre and which has a fresh feel to it. As a result, when we add it to our mattresses, we achieve fresher and more breathable products which allow air to circulate around the body. This helps us to feel more comfortable in a healthier sleeping environment, as we do not just breathe with our lungs, we also breathe through the pores on our body which perspire and eliminate toxins from our organism.

Therefore, in order not to sweat and to feel comfortable, it is important to sleep on a mattress which allows the air to flow freely around our body. This will allow us to fall asleep more quickly and to enjoy refreshing sleep for longer.

An important factor to keep in mind is that, as it is an organic product which has been grown without any pesticides or herbicides, it does not contain any substances which are harmful for our health, minimising the appearance of any allergies. Being an ecological product, it also helps us protect the environment. The benefits of this gift from Mother Nature include softness, resistance, a pleasant feel to it, breathability, and absorption and expulsion of moisture. Furthermore, cotton is good for our skin and reduces allergens, which is good news for both our health and the environment.


As well as having properties like softness, luxury and being elegantly shiny, silk has other unbeatable benefits which make it different from other fabrics. This is why it gained its worldwide reputation as the ‘Queen of Fibres’, being one of the most sought-after textiles in the world thanks to its unique characteristics and benefits. Its benefits are the following:

Hypoallergenic and anti-dust mites. This is beneficial for people who suffer from allergies to synthetic fabrics. The properties of silk make it naturally very resistant to dust mites and it does not produce unpleasant smells.

Breathable. Silk has porous fibres and as a result, it is very breathable.

Stable, resistant and durable. Silk is naturally strong and elastic, so if you’re looking for the highest quality, this is your best option.

It regulates temperature. When it is warm, silk absorbs and transfers excess heat and moisture, acting as a natural heat regulator. In this way, it makes winters mild and summers cool, ensuring your sleeping environment stays comfortable. The composition of silk threads allows them to expel moisture, thus avoiding any mould or unpleasant smells.

Maximum comfort. Soft and light, silk is the finest, most flexible and agile natural fibre. It provides a pleasantly soft and smooth sensation which creates a relaxing effect on the nervous system and contributes to a restful and refreshing night’s sleep. Nothing compares to the softness, comfort and quality of silk.

Hygiene. Due to its antiallergic properties, silk is considered to be one of the most hygienic fabrics on the market. Click here to buy Silk pillows & silk bed linen

Wondering about mattresses Which are made  using silk

Try the Triumph, Dunlopillo mattress

The Cocuum Mattress , made in Spain

The Legend Mattress by Smattex


Cashmere wool, which is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool despite being much lighter, is obtained from the soft wool of the Cashmere goat. Its long soft fibres have excellent insulating properties. As well as being light, comfortable and extremely soft, it adapts well to changes in temperature. Many of the properties of Cashmere wool are similar to those of Merino wool, thus sharing many of the same benefits.

Some of the properties of Cashmere wool include softness, temperature regulation, breathability, resistance to unpleasant smells and moisture control. A notable difference is that Cashmere wool can be up to eight times warmer that other types of wool. Its fibres are soft to the touch, and therefore it is incredibly light and comfortable. Investing in the perfect night’s sleep is one of the best investments we can make.


Tencel, the new sleeping culture, is a 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable plant-based fibre. It is obtained by extracting the pulp of wood through an entirely ecological process. It is currently the most environmentally friendly cellulose fibre, being extremely soft to the touch and providing maximum comfort for your skin. It creates a healthy environment for the body, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. Tencel is excellent at absorbing moisture depending on your skin’s temperature, ensuring in this way your comfort.

It is exceptionally soft and perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. Its fibres contribute to air flow and make it breathable, offering naturally antibacterial, bactericide and antifungal protection. It is a cutting-edge fibre and its main properties are that it is extremely soft to the touch, it regulates body temperature, it absorbs moisture and it dries faster than other fibres. In addition, it naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, dust mites and fungus and is 100% natural, organic and renewable, as well as breathable and extremely resistant.

one of our best selling mattresses , which has Tencel is the Puzlle mattress. Also newly available is the Evolution mattress


Olive Oil Treatment is a completely innovative treatment with olive oil through which we obtain beneficial properties from this oil that has been used for centuries to take care of our skin. In Karibian Descanso we have created a mattress with this novel treatment.

It is a treatment that helps restore the skin’s natural levels of moisture, contributing to the hydration and maintenance of the entire dermis structure, which is a large part of cell membranes, as well as providing antibacterial protection.


We have used Cooler technology to develop a mattress which is able to stay cool and provides the body with the fresh Cooler sensation. This maximises sleep quality by creating a relaxing environment. The reduction in body temperature helps and improves our ability to fall asleep. Keeping in mind that we spend a third of our lives asleep, good quality sleep is clearly important to lead a healthy life.

Do not let the heat disturb your dreams and enjoy your hours of sleep while feeling much fresher. Sleep better in an extra comfortable sleeping environment provided by your mattress. Cooler, made from its characteristic fabric, has been tried and tested by several university and internationally accredited labs. It has been proven that Cooler fabric thread technology reduces temperature. Click here to buy the Coolig pillows, Mattresses, & even Cooling bedlinen


Soy is currently present as an ingredient in a wide range of foods like yogurt, milk, and burgers.

What is soy? It is a plant which belongs to the legume family and whose nutrients have many health benefits that have been discovered recently.

Soy offers more and better elasticity, providing a better rest thanks to its open and interlocked structure which allows optimal air flow and an ideal temperature.

Soy is characterised by unique properties for skincare which relieve pressure in the body and adapt perfectly to the shape of our body.

Thanks to this, we have been able to combine the benefits and advantages provided by this plant in a very technological process. We have added these benefits to the elaboration of some of our mattresses, made with soy extract for a more natural and eco-friendly sleep.

The popular choice of MEMORY FOAM

At we carefully select materials from natural sources in order to provide unique sensations for your sleep – this means keeping body temperature consistent and effectively dealing with moisture. When it first appeared on the market, memory foam revolutionised the industry due to its beneficial properties – there was a real before and after. The correct functioning of a memory foam mattress can be reduced to two factors: it returns slowly to its shape (memory effect) and it is temperature sensitive (the colder it is, the harder it gets and vice-versa). Memory foam is breathable and provides the sleeper with quality rest by combining softness with hypoallergenic properties. It is also an environmentally friendly material.


This 50kg/m3 density memory foam has a dynamic composition made up of high-quality materials with an open cellular structure. The result is a fabric which improves breathability and adapts to each movement during the different phases of sleep. Thanks to its temperature sensitive effect, this memory foam adapts when it comes into contact with body heat, producing a memory effect, and providing an extra degree of firmness. It spreads the weight evenly over the surface area, reducing pressure on the body and allowing for a deeper and more refreshing sleep.


This 60kg/m3 density memory foam is state-of-the-art. It is made from natural oils and Premium raw materials which improve the porousness and internal ventilation of the mattress. This material has a special molecular structure making it adapt perfectly to the body. A memory foam with excellent porousness and breathability which contributes to a more pleasant and refreshing sleep. It also has a temperature sensitive effect which adapts when it comes into contact with body heat, producing a memory effect. This means that with the cold, this fabric hardens and with the heat, it softens.


High density 80kg/m3 memory foam is for the most sensitive sleeper. It is produced from Premium raw materials. It is the perfect combination of density and resistance, as well as providing perfect adaptability for the body and an unbeatable feeling of comfort, allowing for refreshing sleep.

View our memory foam mattresses Puzzle, gel & hybrid sprung & memory foam mattress

Of course ever more popular is the Mlily brand , available as high quality mattresses and Pillows


What is Breeze Technology? It is a new registered and patented sleep system with vertically placed micro-perforations in HR foam cores + Memory foams with densities higher than 35kg/m3. It is for the most discerning customer.

The sleep models that integrate Breeze technology are soft to the touch at first, and once you are lying down after a few seconds you will notice two sensations: the progressive adaptability of our 80kg memory foam and the firmness of our 42kg Hyperflex core. Furthermore, thanks to the new breathable foam technology called Gel Therm 45kg/ m3, exclusive to Karibian Descanso, you will have a very soft and snug layer of comfort in the padding. But what is even more important, if possible, is its ability to regulate thermo-physiological sensations (i.e. excellent ability to expel heat and moisture accumulated in the padding). Gel-Therm allows us to regulate the feeling of freshness.

Essence 80 kg is a top-quality memory foam, thanks to both the quality of the fabric and the 80 kg density. It is medium to the touch and is very adaptable (progressive as you lie down and very adaptable).

The whole product is very breathable thanks to its 364 vertical ventilation channels for mattresses over 150cm. It also has our technical HR42 Hiperflex foam, specially designed with very open pores in order to improve ventilation, as well as our revolutionary Gel-Therm foaming process, providing more comfort compared to other products on the market.

Offering maximum adaptability for all parts of the body, the Breeze Technology system uses two different sizes of micro-perforations, 9mm and 13mm, which are incorporated along the length and breadth of the mattress, improving above all the adaptability of the main zones that support the body, the shoulders and the hips, with the aim of keeping the spine as straight as possible.

The mattress technology in the Breeze series is able to add extraordinary ventilation to the memory foam’s own ergonomics. With the exception of the external fabric, the mattress contains more than 300 ventilation channels. Its ventilation regulates temperature and humidity, achieving a comfortable and cool mattress, and decreasing the risk of dust mites.

The main properties of Breeze Technology are the reduction and relief from pressure points, temperature and moisture regulation, top quality materials, appropriateness for all weight ranges and for people who suffer from excess heat during the different phases of sleep, and for the most discerning customers when it comes to comfort and breathability.

View our breeze technology mattress


At Karibian Descanso they have used COOLER technology thread to develop a mattress that is able to stay cool, allowing the body to feel fresh and comfortable. Cooler fabric provides that fresh feeling that maximises sleep quality and provides a relaxing environment for sleep.

Humans spend a third of their life asleep, so it goes without saying that good quality sleep is essential to lead a healthy life full of vitality. Reducing body temperature helps us to fall asleep and improves the quality of that sleep. However, sometimes our body struggles to adapt to room temperature, making it difficult to fall asleep. Quality sleep is essential in order to feel refreshed at the beginning of each day, and thus, staying cool is key to making the hours we spend sleeping one of the most desired moments of the day.

Cooler is able to maintain cool air flow thanks to its thermal conductivity properties and its high rate of heat absorption. In addition, it creates a comfortable environment as it is highly permeable to water vapour. After carrying out tests and trials in several university and internationally accredited labs, it has been shown that the innovative Cooler thread technology noticeably reduces temperature.

View our cooler mattress

Worried about the heat when sleeping ? have a look at our cool sleep aids, including mattress covers. new mattresses and pillows.

Take little time and browse through the high quality bed frames we have to offer,
either its a small bed, modern or classic, we have several styles of fabric beds in stock ready for you.
just call us, or email. to know which is the right bed for you.

We have many beds & mattresses in stock , available for next day delivery from stock.

Bed Frames


I hope you enjoy reading our articles on the different items that can be bought or talked about. My personal opinion is that no matter What you choose, is for you to take your time when trying the mattress in the store. Try sleeping on your side, backside, and even face down. Each material compliments peoples body shape differently, of course not everyone of us is the same shape, height or weight. Make sure you speak to a professional in the store and let them point out the advantages of each mattress when you sleep on it.

our Comfort Zone In our Luxury beds Department

After the years of experience we have devised here at leos superstore, a method of making your choice better suited to make sure your sleep is the most comfortable and dreamy. Relating back to a old post, which included the new refurbishment at leos superstore, Altea. Welcome to the Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone included the new system of finding your ideal support.

Here is a little explainer

Colour coordinating Each mattress to a colour and a number rating of the mattresses firmness rating, as you can see we provided from soft up to extra firm. Here below im including the most popular choice of mattresses we have in store. Each colour coordinated , with a small piece of detail about the characteristics of each mattress.

We do always recommend to double check all of the details specified as we reserve the right to amend and change any characteristic at any time without prior notice.












Choose Your Style of Bed

Once you have found your ideal mattress, we can also help with a bed. If you need storage options, guest beds, metal frames, or even wooden and upholstered beds. Have a quick browse through our latest flyers.

If you need any more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Below see the colours of upholstery for any storage bed and headboard

Of Course We Have Not Forgotten A Range Of wooden Headboards And Bed Side Tables To Match

Is it possible that all you need is a mattress topper?

and why are mattress toppers becoming so popular?

Click here and find out why


Any item that interests you can be purchased in store or online, Just contact us with any question you might have. Please take into account that we may provide a wider selection than mentioned in store, as we constantly update and adapt to our customer needs.

This being said items mentioned do also change prices, however please account prices to be between 99 euros and could be any where up to 1000 euros.

To combine or see more of ideal beds, click here and you can read my latest post about how much should i spend on my new bed.

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