How Much Should I Spend On My New Bed

How much should i spend on my new bed

The title question is one i hear quite often, if its something that is bothering you also. take a read through and let me point some pros and cons that you might not of thought of. But firstly, id also like to ask. how much would you like to spend or how much can you afford.

You see as anything, beds come in many varieties, sizes, and qualities to suit anyone’s budget. But put simply for a couple that is looking for a large sizes bed, like a king size. with a decent mattress, maybe some storage underneath and a headboard, i would advise to be ready to spend anything between 690 euros and 1100 euros. How have i come to this? read on.

How is value determined

I have previously written about all of the different types of material that there are, when choosing a mattress, in this previous post. Choosing the correct mattress for me . A lot of the pricing and value of a bed is also due to the materials used, and of course sizing, but id like to you to know that you could spend thousands of euros on a bed, but it might all be in vain if you dont actually need what it offers. Now id like to point out the variety of bed types we have , and hopefully after you value the pros and cons of each one, then you will know which best suits you.

Do you need storage in your bedroom? 

This is a great question, because many people never consider all of the un used space that is under your bed. Therefore i present the storage bed. Picture above is the Viena storage bed, This bed obviously offers storage by a lifting method. The top, usually attached to a solid divan. Opens by lifting, to show all of the items neatly stored inside.

Within the storage beds, with this lifting method. You can find many varieties, In Spain where we are based. the most common is a wooden style divan. or a faux leather upholstered divan, which is sold separately without headboard.

The Wooden style storage bed, as pictured above. Is a very cost effective choice. Available in various colors, but also all sizes up to 200/200.  This bed comes as a flat pack style, with many pieces boxed into 1 large , heavy box. This makes it very easy for us to store, transport and even allows customers to take the beds them selves home. Easy assembly with 2 people, might take up to 30 minutes. We particularly recommend the style which is pictured, with rounded corners, as solid would corners are not only more practical in the room , but also make for the structure to be fitted together neater and stronger.

The wooden storage divan ,can not be made to special requirements, however in any standard size. including the solid top, high pressure lifters and steel mattress holder at the headboard end can cost from a single bed size 249 euros up to the largest sizes costing 799euros.

The Upholstered storage divan can come sold separately without the headboard, as this image above shows. 

The Luxury upholstered storage bed , Is one of the most sold choices in our store. As we offer over 25 different upholstery choices, of wonderful, stain resistant fabrics and fashionable colors. We always have full confidence in selling this particular bed. Made using a high quality metallic frame and only upholstered by hand perfectly. This bed however being more expensive in the first place is far more cost effective compared to many other beds. With a 4 year manufacturer guarantee to start with, this bed has nothing that can easily go wrong. Humidity cant effect it, no noise issues arise after even long periods of use. And its reinforced bottom allows for many suit cases to be inside without breaking.

This bed can also be made to special sizes, with rounded corners Click here to see the Rounded edge style storage bed, a more modern straight corner style and then also you can combine with any style of headboard we offer to be upholstered with the matching material of your choice.

Our number one seller,

now with improved pricing!


The upholstered storage bed is very easy to assemble, as it come partly pre assembled. Prices for the single bed size start at 329 euros. King size costs from 459 euros and super king bed costs 699 euros.7

However as we sell many sizes, just contact us to check the cost of your desired size.

Beds With Drawers

Storage beds with Drawers can also be a very practical choice , With clean elegance and in a range of styles. These beds usually come with the headboard and foot board included to create a beautiful master bed. The Verona Deep buttoned storage bed offers timeless elegance and storage. Understandably the storage is limited to the size of the drawers . The drawers, usually are fitted with small wheels , which allow you to extract them easily. Obviously you need a large room to be able to extract the drawers , which is one other drawer back to this style of bed. However they do look great. Available with different fabrics and colors , the most popular choice to date is the crushed velvet in grey, as featured. Antoher plus for this bed is that it comes flat packed, for easy assembly. The verona deep buttoned 2 drawer bed is available in 2 sizes, Double bed which retails at 699 euros or king size which retails at 799 euros.

Other beds which offer storage are also available, however i will mention them further on.

If you do not need storage

If after reading the above and you feel you do not need to spend the extra money on a storage bed, then you can also buy beds which look and feel great.

Rebecca Bed

Metal Bed Frames, such as the Rebecca metal bed frame are a fabulous choice. With reinforced slated under structure, benefiting from extra supportive legs in the center this bed can be bought, in any size up to king size or 150/200, and the buyer be rest assured of the high quality and its resilience. Also sold in the color black or with a metallic finish such as nickel or brass, we however only sell the ivory finish, which always looks great with any decor, because of its neutral basis, which also makes the bedroom look and feel large. The rebecca metal bed frame comes flat pack for easy self assembly, within 30 minutes and costs in single bed 169 euros, double 269 euros or king size 299 euros.

Maine BedSolerno Ivory Shaker BedWooden Frame Beds

Wooden frame beds can come in many shapes and sizes. Usually very cost effective and part of a matching bedroom furniture range, such as the 3 featured above. Which are 1st & 2nd the maine bedroom furniture ranges, Available in dove grey or suft white. And below is the low foot end bed frame from our solerno range of bedroom furniture and bed frame. Usually the wooden or painted wood bed frames are made of pine, which is a inexpensive material, that can be sourced easily and then painted. Of course They are very easy top clean underneath, usually with tall enough legs to allow good clearance from the ground. All Wooden bed frames are flat packed for easy assembly or transportation, and are relatively light weight. Also worth mentioning how the wooden bed frames usual allow for the mattress to sit inside of the frame, therefore helping the mattress to not move around , like other cheaper bed bases which are available. Although these beds are practical and look good, the usually down side of the wooden bed frames is the choice of sizes. For example single which retails at 269euros, double bed which retails from 369 euros and king size which retails at 399 euros.


Box Spring Beds

The name box spring bed originates from the Netherlands. Traditionally this type of bed would be very expensive , with springs fitted throughout the base to give the mattress and sleeper extra support. Now a days you can buy This type of bed base with or without the sprung interior. The later being the more popular choice due to its cost and yet looking great and serving the purpose just as well. Many depths of this bed are available, my most recommendable thickness or depth is between 15cm and 25 cm, this is because of the overall general aesthetics and also the practicality of height from the ground, once your mattress is on top. Available to choose the style , color and height of the legs, you can generate the bed of ideal height for yourself, which you can find most comfortable to get in or out of bed everyday. This bed is of very robust structure and can support up to 180 kg per square meter. Once you agree this style of bed is the right one for you you can choose any size that you would like and we can have it upholstered with a choice of 25 different fabrics and colors. Id also recommend to get a matching headboard and take advantage of the special offer available.

Prices for this bed in a 15cm depth with wooden legs as featured in the image above, start from just 239 euros.

See below how elegantly and clean fitting this type of bed base is. Also id like to point out not only the different leg style choices, but also the detail on the upholstery, which overlaps the material of choice up over the corners, and the non slip material. which is used on all of our beds to help stop the mattress from moving.

Each and every day more of our customers , come back to us to say how happy they are with their new box sprung beds. 

Here are some photos of just the latest ones delivered

Luxury Upholstered beds

Earlier i mentioned other types of storage beds which are also available, the 4 beds featured above are completely new as of this winter 2020, part of a large range of luxurious style of beds. we will sell these beds as both solid divans or even storage beds. With lift up style storage option. We are quite excited by this latest addition to our store as know with this manufacturer we can offer over 18 different style of beds, each with its own unique flare, style and elegance. Upholstered by hand here in Spain. You can choose from over 40 different materials and colors.

Firstly at the top is the Viena bed frame, Secondly comes is the Leonor deep button bed frame , after in 3rd, is the Bergen bed frame with its soft rounded edges and wood features. Lastly on the bottom you can see the Manhattan bed frame, with its simple elegance finished with large silver press studs. This choice of bed is obviously for the more discerning customer looking to have the ideal bed in the exact choice of fabric they desire, and all made by hand to the size that they would like. Available to see in person in our store located in Altea. You are welcome to come and indulge with the beauty that these beds offer. Prices start from 1100 euros for the storage option or without you can buy one of these beds from just 699 euros. Also contact us to find out the price and availability of the headboards sold separately.

Our most popular bed By Noctis

The So pop Noctis bed, has many advantages above others, not only does it look fabulous, but its its very comfy!

Something very exciting for 2024, is the online visualiser. This free online tool, allows you to see in real time, your configured Noctis bed. 

See the bed on your smart phone screen , using the camera phone.

its all explained here!…. step by simple step

Solid Bed Bases

Solid bed bases are the most cost effective type of bed base which i can recommend. Put simply this bed base will do its job , perfectly without any issues for many years.  This metal frame bed base is combined with wood surround and hyper breathable material to create a simple yet practical bed base. Sold to and used by many rental or trade customers, we have full confidence that this bed base will not let you down.

You can choose variable heights of legs for different heights of bed. Available to order in special sizes as well as any standard size. Usually kept in stock, with fast delivery the legs simply screw in.

Prices start from as little as 89 euros.

Also good to point out is the availability of this type of bed for guest rooms, as shown below.

The Most Economic Of Bed Bases

The most economic bed base is of course , the slated bed base. which is featured at most furniture stores and bed stores. This simple and very basic bed frame consists of a metallic frame with slats of wood crossing from one side to the other. Available in most standard sizes. The matching metallic legs usually come separately. Prices start from only 55 euros.

If you like to know any more about beds or even how to find us in Spain. click here. Also if you think that i have missed any type of other bed base worth , please comment to me and i will happily discuss the subject with you. All prices mentioned are relative for the winter of 2020, without prior notification we reserve the right to amend prices.

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