This is a Noctis Bed

Noctis devote them self’s to the creation of top quality beds. Bespoke made to every customers demands.

This is a Noctis bed: beginning with the design up to the last glimpse into the package that will bring it to your home.
We are so proud of being in the heart of Italy, and in the heart of the Marche region, as this is the place where we could grow up
breathing the craftsmen tradition: a legacy that Noctis is enriching with the leading technologies, inventing new production
systems and patenting new creations. example of the craftsmen tradition applied to industrial design, harmonizing technology, aesthetics and emotions.
It is the expression of a culture that finds its nourishment in the World, in its colours, its shapes and its awesomeness
and joins them all in beautiful, comfortable and affordable objects. We think that beauty must be present in everyday life… and in every night.

The reason why Leos is now proudly working with Noctis, is because each bed can be made in so many different ways that have never been possible before.

With over 20 different style of beds, and each with more than 4 variations. For sure you can find the perfect bed.

Choose the perfect combination for you to love your new Noctis bed. Create harmony, be unique or be bold. it is all about you. Our expert staff at Leos store, will spend the time with you and advise when needed.

Select between the styles, choose from a vast selection of fabrics, styles and colours. Go to Noctis


Upholster an create the perfect bed for you. All with removable – washable covers.

Color Range

To complete your Noctis bed customization we also provide the exclusive opportunity to choose the colour of your bed
feet from the whole color range. In the fabric section of our catalogue, right next to the code of each fabric you will find the relevant color range code that will allow the perfect match.

Not only can you declare your own style

Make it practical for you

All of the Noctis beds can be customized to suit your needs for storage, cleanliness, removable covers, sizes and heights.

Any bed for any occasion

Folding Box comfort see how it worksFolding box See how it works Folding Box Ergonomics See how it worksFolding Box Secret See how it works

We Experts at Leos Can help with every detail, from selection and customisation , to the delivery and installation of your new Noctis bed.

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Check out our Noctis here online

With the latest technology. Configure your bed here online now with Noctis

N you 3D bed Configurator


Just a few moves and bed is made.

Noctis infinite bed. With the new 3D N-You configurator you’ll no longer have to imagine the bed in the chosen fabric, you can finally see it!

In the mean time be inspired and get creative