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Tog & what does it mean

When looking at quilts, you will notice that each has a ‘tog’ rating. This is the standard term that measures how warm a quilt is. The higher the tog, the warmer the quilt, so for example, a quilt with a tog of 4.5 will be thinner and suitable for summer. A quilt with a tog of 15 would be much warmer, thicker and suited to the colder months. Here’s a breakdown of the togs available – these give a general guide as some people prefer to be cool in bed, others prefer to be warmer:

  • 4.5 tog quilts are light quilts for summer use
  • 10.5 tog quilts are moderately warm quilts
  • 13.5 tog quilts are warm quilts for winter use
  • 15.0 tog quilts are very warm quilts for winter use

By the way! – This Summer for 2020, we developed & included a new tog . The 1.5 Tog Duvet.

The 1.5 Tog Quilt or Duvet is especially made for those looking to buy the lightest and coolest duvet, just imagen a ultra light weight, compact duvet for the summer. Click here to find out more

Quilt Fillings

The filling inside a quilt affects the thickness and the feel. Natural feather fillings such as duck and goose down are lightweight, soft and breathable, whereas synthetic fillings such as hollowfibre and micro-fibre are better for people who are allergic to feathers. If you are prone to allergies and will be washing your duvet regularly then it’s a good idea to opt for hollowfibre quilts or micro-fibre, which feels similar to natural-filled quilts. Especially recommending our own brand, Touch of down Duvet . Our own leos brand of duvet , is super soft microfibre & breathable filling combines to create a soft touch, light and lofty down-like duvet. Lightweight yet warm, it adapts to your movements in the night, keeping you snug without being inhibitive. Also this duvet is superbly cost effective with prices starting from just 19.99 euros.

Feather filled duvets have always had the same basic recommendation, and that is If you need to wash your feather quilt it’s a good idea to do this professionally. However, The lyndon company and Fogarty range of duvets all come with machine washable certificates and instructions. These 2 companies are feather and down filled duvet specialists and our customers have a lot of confidence when purchasing them. One of our new introductions in store , as far as feather and down filled products is, the company Ferdown.

Ferdown is a Spanish based manufacturer, with over 20 years of experience with feather and down fillings. With a very high manufacturing standard, the feathers and down that they use are only sourced from within Europe. This combined with the best down proof cotton cambric material, makes ferdowns , gobi duvets a very good choice. Especially popular being their 7.5 tog Feather and down duvet. Which actually consists of 90% down.

Here are some more details about each type:

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Hollowfibre is a synthetic material that is man-made. Each strand of fibre has a single hole down the centre that traps air and thus produces loft and insulation. This is why it is called ‘Hollowfibre.’ Hollowfibre quilts are very durable, easy to wash and non-allergenic. They offer comfort and good value.

Click here to follow the link to our hollowfiber range of duvets.

Duck Feather and Down

A feather and down combination quilt provides a good value natural quilt with the luxury qualities of down. Down is the soft group of feathers found next to the skin of a duck. Down is exceptionally soft and light. The main quality of this natural product is its breathability. Feathers and down will breathe and this helps with temperature regulation throughout the year, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Due to this fact a natural quilt of the same tog, or warmth, as a hollowfibre quilt will be lighter in weight. Take note earlier how i mentioned a 90% down duvet, that we sell.


Micro-fibre is a term for fibres with strands thinner than one denier. Fabrics made with micro-fibre are exceptionally soft and hold their shape well.Micro-fibre quilts are a luxurious version of hollowfibre quilts. Made with finer polyester, they offer exceptional softness and comfort and maintain minimal weight.If you were to compare a microfibre quilt of 13.5 tog rating against a hollowfibre quilt of the same tog, you would find that they both provide the same warmth but the microfibre quilt is lighter and more supple & cosy. hence above you will remember is recommended our own brand of touch of down duvets, this was because they have a very high quality of microfibre filling aswell as cover.

For any further information or prices please look through our online store or click here to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have or even consider having your next duvet best suited to your self.

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